For how long are leopards pregnant?

Pregnant leopard at Johannesburg Zoo

“Leopard cubs are born after a gestation period of about 96 days, although zoo records suggest that gestation can take anywhere from 90 to 105 days.” The information is a direct quote from the premier book on the wild cat species, Wild Cats of the World by Mel Sunquist and Fiona Sunquist. They are …

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Man thrust into postnatal midwifery care of a litter of kittens

Man thrust into midwife postpartum care of a litter of kittens

Paris Zarcilla is a filmmaker living in East London. One day he found a cat under his bed. She had just given birth to a litter of kittens. It’s changed Paris’s life and his Twitter feed! Paris is completely enamoured by becoming an overnight father. He has no idea where the cat came from …

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