Claimed that UK’s Pet Abduction Bill may criminalise kindly interactions with street cats

Newspaper claims that “Calling ‘here puss’ to a cat in the street may become a criminal offence” in the UK when the Pet Abduction Act becomes law. Really?

By “street cats” I mean a domestic cat walking around the street, on the pavement or sidewalk because they are indoor/outdoor cats. As you may know the UK Parliament is currently debating a new law called the Pet Abduction Bill which is intended to improve upon the Theft Act 1968 in respect of the …

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A kind old lady feeding her neighbour’s cat is not attempted theft, is it?

A kind old lady feeding their neighbour's cat is not attempted theft is it?

You may know (the answer to the question in the title) and I recently wrote about the UK government introducing the crime of pet theft. ‘Ordinary theft’ under the Theft Act 1968 covers pet theft but it doesn’t do justice to companion animal theft because of the emotional distress caused to both companion animal …

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UK government supports making cat and dog theft a specific crime

Pet theft may become a specific crime in the England and N. Ireland

NEWS AND COMMENT – UK: The Pet Abduction Bill is being debated in the House of Commons at Parliament which if passed will make the theft of cats and dogs a specific criminal offence in England Wales and Northern Ireland. Comment: this must be a response to what some might regard as a surge …

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Difference between losing your cat through theft, robbery or burglary

The burglary, theft and robbery of a cat described and explained

In the context of the theft of your cat, there are three different types of stealing: plain stealing i.e. theft, robbery and burglary. What’s the difference between them? It’s quite useful to know because there’s lots of thievery occurring in Great Britain today not infrequently of dogs and cats. Stealing/theft: in essence, this is …

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Woman sent to prison for rattling cat treats to entice her neighbour’s cats

Ms Montgomery

NEWS AND COMMENT- YORK, UK: A woman, Ms Angela Montgomery, living in a retirement complex owned by a housing association, who’s grieving after the passing of her mother, is convinced that her mother’s cats live with her elderly male neighbour who needs crutches. She also believes that one of the cats is hers. She …

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Vietnamese owner of cat meat restaurant regrets stealing and killing thousands of cats many of them pets by drowning in a bucket

Cat meat restaurant owner in Vietnam regrets stealing pets and drowning them in a bucket of water 300 times a month and serving them up in a broth

NEWS/OPINION: You may have heard about the Vietnamese cat meat restaurant in Vietnam owned by Pham Quoc Doanh. I am pleased that the news media has picked up on his feelings about what he did over the years. It might shed some light on the cat meat culture of Vietnam. But there’s change afoot. …

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Lyft taxi driver took off with client’s cat and would not stop or respond to messages

Pandey and his cat Tux reunited

NEWS AND COMMENT: A young man, Palash Pandey, in the US took his female tuxedo named ‘Tux’ cat to the vet. He used the Lyft taxi service to get to the veterinary clinic. His cat was in a carrier in the rear of car in the foot well (on the floor). When he arrived …

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