Lyft taxi driver took off with client’s cat and would not stop or respond to messages

Pandey and his cat Tux reunited

NEWS AND COMMENT: A young man, Palash Pandey, in the US took his female tuxedo named ‘Tux’ cat to the vet. He used the Lyft taxi service to get to the veterinary clinic. His cat was in a carrier in the rear of car in the foot well (on the floor). When he arrived …

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Losing your cat companion can be a deeply painful emotional experience

Skippy and Teresa Hogan

Most cat owners have a close relationship with their domestic cat companion. It can be at least as strong as any relationship between people. For many the relationship that they have with their cat is the key relationship in their lives. And I don’t want anybody who reads this to snigger and think it’s …

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Taiwanese town where tourists abandon and steal cats on a whim

Houtong Taiwan's 'cat village'

NEWS AND COMMENT: Taiwan’s ‘cat village’ is the town of Houtong in the north. It is referred to as a ‘cat village’ because there are hundreds of cats while the population of humans is smaller. And it has become a tourist attraction because of it. It was originally a mining town but the population …

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Woman thought she’d found friend’s lost cat but had stolen another

Lentil rescued and safe

SCOTLAND: This is a story with a twist about a microchipped, female cat who was missing for a year and who was found in a disused cinema. She was rescued by the RSPCA who had to obtain the cinema owner’s assistance to access the inside of the boarded up building. The cat (whose name …

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Delivery man who stole woman’s cat and released him far from home apologises in letter

Letter from cat thief to cat owner

Heidi Dalbec has offered a $2,000 reward for information leading to the recovery her cat Dot who is very friendly and greatly missed: Dot is a VERY VERY friendly/outgoing feline. He is greatly missed. Brian Vieau stole her cat. Brian was delivering something (an auto part?) to her house, saw Dot and stole him. …

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