Electronic Gadgets Designed to Alleviate Feline Boredom

As far as having an addiction to felines is concerned, it doesn’t take rocket science for anyone to figure out that this writer is not alone in suffering the symptoms of this delightful condition; one, for which thankfully, there is no available cure. Once we are smitten by an adorable ball of fluff purring …

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New cat toy. Every car has two.

It is the new rage: car wiper blades as an ideal cat toy to keep him distracted when he is in the car and fed up or anxious ;). Not really because very few cats sit on the dashboard. In fact I wouldn’t recommend it unless the car is static. Of course it depends …

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Cute Abyssinian Kittens Love Playing in Hamster Ball

by Michael Mouse in hamster ball – Wikimedia Commons image – author: Xsamix The hamster ball is a great kitten toy based on what I have just seen in this cute video. And Abyssinian kittens are adorable. What is a hampster ball? It is a play/exercise device for hamsters. Obiously hamsters and Abyssinian kittens …

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