My Extraordinary Relationship with a Stray Black Cat

I think stray cats are generally misunderstood felines, often confused with ferals. And while stray cats can often be mysterious, I think of them as kitties that need extra special care. Since most cats will instantly weave their way into the hearts of passionate cat lovers, upon encountering a stray kitty many of us …

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Are Cats Manipulative or Is What you See What you Get?

It would be a huge understatement for me to say that when it comes to feline behavioral issues, my husband Marty and I often don’t see eye-to-eye. As an example, the other day I was becoming extremely frustrated with Dr. Hush Puppy’s finicky feeding behavior. In fact, it was driving me straight up the …

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Gourmet Cat Foods: Will They Tempt Finicky Felines?

Do gourmet cat foods tempt finicky felines? Our two Oriental shorthair cats, Dr. Hush Puppy and Sir Hubble Pinkerton are to say the least extremely fussy about what they will eat. Trying to figure out what will suit their fancy leaves my head spinning. What makes this situation even more anxiety-producing is the meager …

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Stella Gaylor: An Interview with an Exemplary Breeder of Maine Coon Cats

I promised to interview Stella Gaylor, an experienced, knowledgeable and responsible breeder of Maine Coon cats after reading the many thoughtful comments and questions on my blog about Persian cats. Stella Gaylor’s reputation as a responsible and ethical breeder and exhibitor of magnificent Maine Coon cats is exemplary. Her cattery is RP Cathouse. Since …

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Florida: Beautiful Red Tabby Cat Needs New Home

Hello kitty lovers! My name is Garfield. I am a two year-old neutered declawed male tabby cat, who lives in the south of the good ole USA – in the Central Florida area. No matter how hard I try to figure out the reason why my guardian bestowed that moniker on me, I continue …

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Meet the Persian Cat: Fall in Love

Meet the Persian cat up close and purrsonal. Have you been looking for a purebred cat with a sweet, affectionate and captivating personality? The magnificent Persian might just be what the doctor ordered. But be forewarned! It’s easy to be immediately smitten! A Persian cat is capable of casting a spell and it’s love …

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Spoiling Kitties: The Ultimate Cat Furniture

Cat furniture picture

When it comes to giving our cats top notch care – at least in this writer’s opinion – pampering and “spoiling” them ranks high on a kitty guardian’s job description.

But before you disagree and get your hackles up let me be perfectly clear; I am not referring to always giving into their desires; some of their requests may be neither safe nor appropriate for them.

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Breaking News: Cats Banned Again from Competing in The Olympic Games

Thursday, February 6 marked the start of the competition held in Sochi at the 22nd Winter Olympics Games. To describe the opening ceremonies on Friday night as spectacular wouldn’t even begin to give them justice. In fact they were mind-blowing. Ever since I can remember I have been a huge fan of both the …

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