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Chocolate is toxic to cats

What happens when cats eat chocolate?

A chemical reaction takes place inside the cat. Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine which is toxic to cats and dogs. Unlike in humans, theobromine is not metabolised (broken down) by cats or dogs....

Black cat enjoys peanut butter to the amusement of his owners. The peanut butter jar is to the right: Jif

Peanut butter-Xylitol-cats-dogs-toxic

People want to know whether peanut butter is toxic to cats as cats sometimes like to lick peanut butter. My research indicates that peanut butter per se is not too bad for cats but...

Fungal spores

Mycotoxins in dry cat food

My research tells me that there is a consistent level of mycotoxin contamination of dry cat food for cats and dogs, which appears to be acccepted (or there is an ever-present potential for it)....

Kitten attacks toy mouse

Is it safe for cats to eat mice?

There are two reasons why it is unhealthy for a domestic cat to eat mice despite the fact that mice are the number one prey of the domestic cat. Of all the prey animals...

Glyphosate dangerous to cat health

There is a herbicide in your cat food (USA)

A recent Cornell study published this month in Environmental Pollution found that glyphosate, an active herbicidal ingredient used in weedkillers like Roundup, is present at low levels in a range of cat and dog...

The Radura sign on cat food packaging. Check for it.

The Radura symbol on cat food packaging. Check for it.

The Radura symbol indicates that the food has been irradiated to kill bugs and bacteria. It also creates carcinogenic chemicals which can harm pets. Pet food is irradiated to primarily benefit the manufacturer by extending shelf life. It is a cynical process. Watch out for the symbol and avoid these products.

Top Easter Cat Hazards

Easter Dangers To Pets

With Easter weekend quickly approaching, here are some of the top hazards to our pets. Keep in mind there are many more hazards. The ones below are associated with the holidays where a lot...

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