Review of 3,691 FDA pet food product recalls over the last 20 years

FDA pet product recall review

The Journal of Food Production analysed all 3,691 FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) pet food product recalls over the last 20 years (2003-2022). They found that the substantial majority of recalls at 68% specifically concerned pet food. Of these, over half were Class I recalls. This means that there was a “reasonable probability …

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‘Many people use needles to poke a small hole in dog and cat food to poison dogs and cats’ in China

In China it is alleged that a person or persons are poisoning dogs and cats by injecting the poison into bags of cat and dog food on the shelves of retailers

This is what someone tweeted recently: “Nowadays, many people use needles to poke a small hole in the dog food and cat food delivered by others to poison them. And now there are people poisoning the grass on the road. Some people in my country have gone crazy. I don’t know what the situation …

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Mycotoxins in dry cat food

Fungal spores

My research tells me that there is a consistent level of mycotoxin contamination of dry cat food for cats and dogs, which appears to be accepted (or there is an ever-present potential for it). It is when the concentrations become unacceptable that the product poisons the animal. An example is the recent recall of …

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The Politics of Recalling Allegedly Poisonous Pet Food

Although this short post is about dog food the principles apply to any companion animal foods. For a long time there has been vociferous complaints from dog owners about Nestlé Purina dog treats making their dogs seriously ill and in some cases the owners allege that the food has killed their dog. Personally, I …

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