Investing time and resources in an individual cat rescue

Investing time and resources to rescuing and rehabilitating a stray cat

The word “investing” is a great word for cat rescue workers. Through genuine commitment and tireless effort combined with patience and persistence, they invest in each individual rescue cat. This video is an excellent example. And when you invest that much into an individual cat you become heavily bonded. It must be very hard …

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Picture of Cat with Conjunctivitis

Photographs are copyright Elisa Black-Taylor. A “picture of cat with conjunctivitis” tells us a lot about the disease. The above picture is a slight oversimplification in respect of the treatment but the pictures of “Pinky” are real and the treatment is basically what cured him. It looks awful and very uncomfortable. And it is. …

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Feline Conjunctivitis

by Michael (London, UK) Barn Kitten with conjunctivitis – photo Lee (Flickr). I have used this sad picture before. Spot of conjunctivitis – photo Jennifer Lamb (Flickr) Another cat with conjunctivitis – calico cat – photo sg4w (Flickr) Feline conjunctivitis is inflammation of the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is a clear mucous membrane consisting of …

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