Human population growth effects on animals

Projections of human population growth

There is a growing feeling that human population growth is having a very bad effect on animals. Although you have to differentiate between domestic and wild animals. The UK’s favourite broadcaster, said David Attenborough, is an advocate for stabilising the planet’s human population. Negative effects [We should] stabilise the human population as low as …

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Jaguar’s forest habitat burnt up in barbecue briquettes

Supagrill barbeque briquettes

This is another depressing story about the destruction of the world’s ancient forests. I recently wrote about old Swedish forest being used to make toilet paper and today I’m going to address the destruction of tropical forest inhabited by Jaguars in Paraguay to make briquettes for barbecues in the West. So when you’re grilling …

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Demand for two products is destroying natural forest inhabited by endangered species

Rubber and palm oil

The world’s two most damaging natural products with respect to forests are: palm oil and natural rubber. The once vast, natural and ancient forests of Asia and Africa are inhabited by many precious wild species including notable wild cat species such as the Sumatran tiger, the Borneo bay cat, the African golden cat and …

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