50-year population decline for the lion, tiger, leopard and cheetah in an Infographic

Population decline of lion, tiger, leopard, cheetah of the past 50 years

Here is an Infographic telling us about the shocking decline in population numbers of four iconic wild cat species. These are for big cats. I have left out the jaguar which is a classic big cat for no particular reason. It’s important to remember that, as stated in the Infographic, the best experts in …

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Roundup of tiger conservation initiatives currently taking place (2024)

Tiger conservation efforts are extensive

Tiger conservation efforts are ongoing globally, with several significant initiatives reported: These initiatives reflect a concerted effort to protect and increase tiger populations, ensuring the survival of this iconic species. Sources: IUCN SOS, IUCN, Tigers Panda, Earth Brigade Foundation, Byjus, World Wildlife. Sources for the information below are extensive and all from the internet. …

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Putin’s PR stunt with a Siberian tiger caused the tiger’s death

Putin fits a tracker to the over tranquillised Siberian tiger that died when returned to a zoo

We know that Putin is obsessed with looking like a macho man. It is part of his attempts to look like a strong, imperialist leader. And he has taken many opportunities to polish this image such as riding horseback topless and playing with big cats. He’s said to be an animal lover but is …

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Infographic on why the tiger is endangered

Why the tiger is endangered in an infographic

The infographic explains why the tiger is endangered in a succinct way. There are many articles on this website on the gradual slide into extinction in the wild of all subspecies of tiger. The Bengal subspecies has the highest population at around 3,500 across countries including India, Bangladesh and Bhutan in the north. Most …

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Wild cat conservation is on our doorstep as everything is connected

Kodkod with coniferous forest as backdrop

Forest Dwelling Cats This is an update from an e-zine I used to write many years ago. The point made is important I believe. Pictures of Cats (PoC) conjures up funny pictures. There is fun on my site, but at heart, it is serious. And what really is funny is the more I work …

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Sumatran tiger 2022 – critically endangered

Sumatran tiger

The story of the Sumatran tiger is a very sad one. It is the beginning of the end of the road for this cat’s presence in the wild. The disappointing truth is that the experts don’t even know, through ineffectual estimates, the number of adult Sumatran tigers that are left on the planet. I …

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Javan tiger – extinct due to human-tiger conflict

Javan tiger

The Javan tiger is extinct but its close neighbour the Sumatran tiger is not (estimated 441 to 679 individuals as at 2008). The Javan tiger’s scientific name is Panthera tigris ssp. sondaica. The islands of Java and Sumatra are separated by 15 miles of water. The Sumatran tiger, though, is heading towards extinction if …

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Endangered Nepal tiger – great efforts to save the Bengal tiger in Nepal

Bengal tigers in Nepal - camera trap image

In 2009 I wrote that the endangered Bengal tiger in Nepal was heading towards extinction in the wild in that country. I was in despair and said that it was just one more sad, very sad, example of the general apathy we as a world have about the survival in the wild of our …

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