Petchems have cynically misled the public for decades about recycling plastic

Plastic pollution is everywhere on the planet and the petrochemical companies need to step up to the plate and do their bit to save the planet from this crisis which is poisoning all of us and our companion animals.

I am driven to believe that as a race we are doomed. What I mean is humankind is doomed if big business disregards the health of the planet in the interests of their financial profits and to the extent that they will deceive and try to pull the wool over the eyes of the …

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Here’s why you should wear surgical gloves when applying cat flea treatments

Wear surgical gloves to apply cat flea spot on treatments to protect nature

This is a short post to drive a point home about the toxicity of cat flea treatments, the most common of which are the spot-on treatments in which a drop of an insecticide is placed on the cat’s skin between the shoulder blades where the cat can’t get at it. This preventative treatment is …

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Relentless rise in human population in the UK is killing off the hazel dormouse

Hazel dormouse

NEWS AND COMMENT: There is an interesting little article in The Times today about the rare hazel dormouse going extinct in effect in the UK. The gradual extinction of the hazel dormouse in the UK is a paradigm of the causes of extinction of other species in the UK, which is why I am …

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Iconic sycamore gap tree chainsawed. 16-year-old arrested.

Iconic Sycamore tree felled in an act of vandalism

There is worldwide dismay at the felling of a treasured tree; the world-renowned and iconic Sycamore Gap Tree in Northumberland which won the public vote to be crowned Tree of the Year in 2016 by the Woodland Trust. The charity described it as “one of the most photographed trees in the UK”. The reason …

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Have you ever laid down on the grass outside with your cat? She might like it.

Lie down with your cat outside as it alters the relationship

I have a theory. I think domestic cats will normally like being with their human caregiver if they can go outside to their backyard, which hopefully has a lawn of some sort, lie on the lawn and let their cat join them. In doing this the normal interrelationship between human and cat is dramatically …

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Wildcat hybrids were created to bring us closer to nature but we are going in the opposite direction

Calif. Spangled

The people who created wildcat hybrids such as Jean Mill (the Bengal cat) and Paul Casey (the California Spangled cat) did so in order to allow people to be closer to nature. These cat breeds allow people to see nature in their living room. The dream-like objective was to motivate people to become more …

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