Shocking results. Lifespan statistics of 11 purebred and non-purebred cats (UK).

Illustrating an article about domestic cat lifespans

This ‘life table’ (see definition below) comes from a study which has allowed publication here under conditions which I have complied with. Lifespan statistics for purebred and crossbred cats (including cats without breed information) under primary veterinary care at practices participating in VetCompass in the UK in 2019. Note: You may have to view …

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Non-insured cats live longer than insured cats (study)

Young cat at vet clinic. Older cats are less likely to be covered by pet health insurance policies as they are cancelled.

The researchers of a study on the longevity and mortality of domestic cats published in 2014 were somewhat puzzled it seems about the finding that non-insured cats had lifespans that were 1.1 years longer than insured cats. The result is counterintuitive. Most people would think that pet health insurance increases lifespan as the veterinary …

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Slightly overweight domestic cats live longer than ideal weight cats

Lifespan of cats is longer when they are slightly overweight as per a study which is counterintuitive

Study scientists investigating domestic cats sometimes use the body condition score (BCS). It is a metric which numerically measures a domestic cat’s appearance caused by the status of their weight. The method is explained below. Note: please read the entire article and not just the title as to do so will probably mislead you …

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For cats, every extra hundred grams of bodyweight is linked to a decrease in lifespan of about two and a half months

Happy obese cat with a shortened lifespan

A recent study about which I have written provides veterinarians and cat caregivers with the first “life tables” for pet cats in the UK. It is an important database built upon the tracking of about 8000 cats that were registered with veterinarians and had died between 2019 and 2021. If you want to, you …

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Burmese and Birman cats have the longest life expectancy of purebred cats (2024)

Birman and Burmese are 2 purebred cats with longer than average lifespans due to a lower prevalence of HCM than in other breeds

Burmese and Birman cats have the longest life expectancy of purebred cat according to a recently published study conducted between 2019 and 2021 in the UK. The researchers don’t tell us specifically or in detail why they have the longest life expectancy of the purebred cats and even to the extent where their lifespan …

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Sphynx cat breed has the shortest life expectancy of 6.68 years

Sphynx cat

A comprehensive UK study conducted in 2019-2021 and published in 2024 concluded that the Sphynx cat breed “had the shortest life expectancy at year 0 among the analysed breeds at 6.68 years. Being entire, purebred and with a non-ideal body weight were significantly linked to a decreased lifespan.” The word “entire” means unsterilised. The …

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Female domestic cats live longer than male domestic cats (big 2019 UK study)

Female domestic cats live longer than male domestic cats

Along the lines of humans, female domestic cats live longer than male domestic cats according to a very comprehensive UK study from an available population of 1.25 million cats under veterinary care across six veterinary groups during 2019-2021 (published May 7, 2024). The study is about lifespan (which I have discussed in another article) …

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