Behind the Japanese cuteness culture there is ugliness and the death of many kittens

This cute kitten died the day after this photo was taken

In the world of cats, in Japan, there are two competing forces. One is a veneer over the other. The veneer is the cuteness culture for which the Japanese have a specific name ‘Kawaii’. The Japanese love cute things and that attitude applies to the selection of the kind of cat that they wish …

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Can fleas kill kittens?

Flea infested flat

Yes, fleas can kill kittens and we have a story today in the online news media to substantiate that statement. A ‘callous breeder’ in the UK abandoned ’25 terrified cats and kittens to starve to death in a flat’. And the Mirror newspaper reports that the RSPCA assessed that two kittens ‘died after their …

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The story of a kitten who died of fading kitten syndrome

Mia's death

Let’s call the kitten Mia. Her mother was a stray cat. She was often hungry. She suffered from parasites, poor diet and an inadequate supply of food and nutrients. Mia was born underweight. Fortunately, her mother was not infected with toxoplasmosis, or other major infectious diseases such as feline infectious peritonitis. Mia therefore was …

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