Los Angeles proposes a pause to the issuing of animal breeding licences

LA Animal Services

NEWS AND COMMENT: I’m told that Los Angeles City Council is considering a moratorium on the issuing of breeding licences. That means a pause to the issuing of permits to breed which I presume mainly means dog and cat breeders in the city of Los Angeles. The reason why the council wants to stop …

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Flat-faced dogs and cats’ helplessness makes them more attractive

Flat faced brachycephalic dogs and cats behave like toddlers which attracts the nurturing desire in their human caregiver which in turn makes the animals more attractive as companions.

STUDY RESULT PLUS COMMENT: Dorottya Ujfalussy from the Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary, has decided in her study that flat-faced dogs (and I’m going to include flat-faced cats) are more attractive to their owners because they are more helpless. And in being more helpless they are more like human toddlers who are themselves helpless …

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Behind the Japanese cuteness culture there is ugliness and the death of many kittens

This cute kitten died the day after this photo was taken

In the world of cats, in Japan, there are two competing forces. One is a veneer over the other. The veneer is the cuteness culture for which the Japanese have a specific name ‘Kawaii’. The Japanese love cute things and that attitude applies to the selection of the kind of cat that they wish …

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