After cat bite, woman sues sister for $300,000

Cat bite

NEWS AND COMMENT: I feel that I need to comment on this story because immediately, in the first few paragraphs, I can see a problem with it. The report comes from the Independent newspaper. It tells us that a woman in Michigan, USA is suing her sister because her sister’s cat bit her on …

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Behind the Japanese cuteness culture there is ugliness and the death of many kittens

This cute kitten died the day after this photo was taken

In the world of cats, in Japan, there are two competing forces. One is a veneer over the other. The veneer is the cuteness culture for which the Japanese have a specific name ‘Kawaii’. The Japanese love cute things and that attitude applies to the selection of the kind of cat that they wish …

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Horrific ear-tipping by discount veterinary service

NEWS AND VIEWS-CABOT, USA: Danyelle Freeman and her family adopted a black cat who they called Batman last Christmas. She admits that she does not know much about domestic cats. They adopted Batman because they lost a cat a while back. She rang around and was advised to have her cat neutered because it …

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Middletown family’s domestic cat mistakenly euthanized


NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENT): the story comes from Middletown, USA and is told in the video just below this paragraph by Steve Mago. He tells it movingly. He and his family loved this gray cat who they found in his detached garage and adopted him. They named him Mush and they loved him perhaps …

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