Allegedly private clinics cash in on insurance money with false Lyme disease diagnoses

Private clinics are cashing in on insurance money with false Lyme disease diagnoses allegedly

There’s an interesting letter in The Times today (29-08-23) from a doctor, Dr. Matthew Dryden. He says that, in the USA, private clinics take advantage of “vulnerable patients” by allegedly deliberately wrongly diagnosing Lyme disease. This allows them to prescribe a long course of expensive treatment all paid for by health insurance. The issue …

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Tick paralysis in cats

Ixodes holocyclus, the Australian paralysis tick

There is a story in the Australian news media about the rise in tick paralysis in Gold Coast dogs and cats. I immediately discovered that it is an incredibly serious disease. Certain species of tick cause paralysis in their hosts. In the US tick paralysis is most common in the Pacific Northwest, the Rocky …

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Blanket of ticks on kitten’s head removed with tweezers

Poor rescue kitten's head covered in ticks. The vet assistant or veterinarian removes them with tweezers

This is unpleasant: a tabby rescue kitten who acquired a blanket of gorged ticks all over his head. It is horrendous to look at. I hope you find it acceptable to view. There is a video but I am not allowed to present it here. The video screenshots do it justice. The vet nurse …

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