Allegedly private clinics cash in on insurance money with false Lyme disease diagnoses

Private clinics are cashing in on insurance money with false Lyme disease diagnoses allegedly

There’s an interesting letter in The Times today (29-08-23) from a doctor, Dr. Matthew Dryden. He says that, in the USA, private clinics take advantage of “vulnerable patients” by allegedly deliberately wrongly diagnosing Lyme disease. This allows them to prescribe a long course of expensive treatment all paid for by health insurance. The issue …

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One monthly imidacloprid cat or dog flea treatment could kill up to 25 million bees

Imidacloprid in pet flea treatments can and does kill millions of bees

The Times reports today, March 21, 2023, that a popular cat, dog, rabbit flea treatment containing imidacloprid could kill millions of bees when the toxin is washed into waterways according to researchers at Imperial College London, UK. The pesticide is used in 138 pet treatment sold in the UK alone. God only knows how …

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Don’t save money by using dog flea and tick treatments on cats

Don't use dog skin parasite treatments on cats or permethrin treatments on dogs if they live with cats

In the UK there is a cost-of-living crisis due to various factors including high inflation caused mainly by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. There are similar problems on the European continent. People want to save money wherever they can which may encourage people to save pennies when treating their cat and dog for fleas and …

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