Different laxatives for cats in an infographic (vet advice)

Different laxatives for your cat

The information in the infographic comes from Dr Bruce Fogle, the UK’s foremost veterinarian and author. It is vet approved. Seek vet advice on the most appropriate type of laxative for your cat. The information about feline constipation is also veterinarian approved. RELATED: 17 causes of constipation in domestic cats Notes on feline constipation …

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Japanese scientist invents an injection to prevent kidney disease in cats

Dr. Toru Miyazaki has invented an injection that helps the kidneys flush out toxins to reduce incidence of kidney disease in cats. I might be available in 2025

The title has simplified the story but it summarises it. A Japanese scientist, Doctor Toru Miyazaki, an immunology specialist at the University of Tokyo, has invented an injection which can be given to cats to extend their life by helping to prevent kidney disease. How does it work? For many years, he’s been working …

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Is chemotherapy for cats worth it?

Cat on chemo

I am not a veterinarian but I can rely on Ben the Vet on TikTok and other veterinarians to provide a good answer to the question in the title. And, actually, it is quite a straightforward question to which I am able to provide a good answer. There are two key points: Limited side …

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Question your veterinarian about prescribing antibiotics without proof of a bacterial infection

Don't accept antibiotics from your veterinarian unless they are clearly indicated

I’m going to be slightly provocative. But I think cat caregivers should sometimes, gently and politely, challenge their veterinarian. And there’s one particular treatment where this attitude may be important. It is the prescription of antibiotics. I think it is probably known that veterinarians tend to prescribe antibiotics as a precaution. They don’t know …

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Infographic on suggested causes of various types of cat vomiting

Cat vomiting types and causes

A slightly unpleasant topic but an activity that domestic cats are very good at. Domestic cats are very fluent vomiters. They can do it very easily and without any real distress unlike humans. As it is a fairly common way for the cat to deal with things like spoilt food, a mouse they can’t …

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Can a cat recover from hepatic lipidosis?

With quick aggressive treatment about 90% of cats with hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease) survive but without it, the survival rate goes down to 10 to 15%. What is the cause and what is the treatment? You will need to see a vet about this so you can book the appointment before you read …

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Do antibiotics cure cat flu?

Cat with flu

No, antibiotics will not help genuine cat flu because this infectious disease is caused by a virus and antibiotics are prescribed to cure bacterial infections not viral infections. However, often a viral infection can lead to a secondary bacterial infection which is why veterinarians sometimes prescribe antibiotics if they see a patient with cat …

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Tea tree oil, safe for humans, unsafe for pets, for sale on Amazon

Melaleuca alternifolia

Tea tree oil is Melaleuca oil. It comes from the leaves of the tea tree, Melaleuca alternifolia. This tree is native to south-east Queensland and the north-east coast of New South Wales, Australia. Tea tree oil is for sale extensively on Amazon. It is therefore readily available to many millions of people. Many websites …

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