Are roses poisonous to cats?

Roses are non-poisonous to cats

Roses are not poisonous to cats neither are they poisonous to dogs or horses. They are non-toxic. I’m referring to the Rosa species in the family: Rosaceae. Although they are not toxic chemically, eating them may result in discomfort because of a stomach upset together with perhaps, diarrhoea and vomiting. Plants Poisonous to Cats …

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Why do cats eat plants and should I be worried?

Top ten most poisonous plants

Because people know domestic cats as being obligate carnivores (specialist flesh eaters) many don’t believe that they want to eat plant material. But they do like occasionally to eat vegetation. This is inherited from their wild cat ancestor. It’s perfectly normal behaviour. The scientists are not quite sure, today, why a wide range of …

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What Do You Do if Your Cat Ingests Poisons?

Cats are naturally curious creatures. They love to investigate the new spring plants that you’ve brought home to plant around the house. They love it when all the springtime bugs come out from hiding. They also like to investigate any cabinets or closets that have been left open. As much as your cat thinks …

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House Plants Safe For Cats

House plants safe for cats is the opposite to house plants toxic to cats, obviously. I have built a page about plants poisonous to cats in general. Today, 17th Nov. 2010, I thought that it would be easier for visitors if I simply listed a short selection of popular house plants that we know …

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