One monthly imidacloprid cat or dog flea treatment could kill up to 25 million bees

Imidacloprid in pet flea treatments can and does kill millions of bees

The Times reports today, March 21, 2023, that a popular cat, dog, rabbit flea treatment containing imidacloprid could kill millions of bees when the toxin is washed into waterways according to researchers at Imperial College London, UK. The pesticide is used in 138 pet treatment sold in the UK alone. God only knows how …

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Are roses poisonous to cats?

Roses are non-poisonous to cats

Roses are not poisonous to cats neither are they poisonous to dogs or horses. They are non-toxic. I’m referring to the Rosa species in the family: Rosaceae. Although they are not toxic chemically, eating them may result in discomfort because of a stomach upset together with perhaps, diarrhoea and vomiting. Plants Poisonous to Cats …

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Is it safe for domestic cats to eat flies?

Cat and fly

My conclusion is that it is probably safe for a domestic cat to occasionally eat a fly. Domestic cats won’t eat lots of flies because they are a minor prey item for them. This helps to minimise the potential of ingesting of pathogens and toxins that may be on flies. Please read on. Prey …

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