Leave alone found small wild cat kittens and don’t try and turn them into domestic cats

Bobcat kittens

Very occasionally, you can read a story on the Internet about a person finding a wild cat kitten (cub). In America, this might more typically be a bobcat kitten. It might appear to the person that the kitten’s mother has abandoned her offspring. She takes in the kitten because she wants to do the …

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What is the difference between a pet cat and a wild cat?

African wildcat versus tabby domestic cat

The question seems innocuous and the answer obvious but the explanation is not quite as simple as people might expect. The comparison will be to the pet cat’s wild cat ancestor. Here is my answer for what it is worth. Please add yours in a comment. The difference between a pet cat and a …

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First pet cats were tamed wildcats not true domestic cats

Ancient tabby cat

It’s a point worth making. You hear a lot about the first domestic cats coming into being about 10,000 years ago. These are the first N. African wildcats who befriended humans and vice versa; both benefiting in an act of ‘commensalism’ as it is called. These early pet cats were tamed wildcats. Their behaviour …

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What is the difference between a tame animal and a domesticated animal?

Tame or domesticated cheetah?

The word “tame” is an umbrella term which includes “domesticated”, so the difference is that a “tame animal” describes a wider range of animals than the term “domesticated animal”. Also the word “tame” can be used in some non-animal contexts such as a person being tamed by another. Both words can have the same …

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