Daughter gave a cat to her dying dad with dementia

Dying man with dementia comforted by the presence of a cat

The story, presented in the form of an infographic, is instructive. It tells us that when we can’t give a dying relative with dementia a present because they won’t understand what it’s for, they will instinctively respond to the presence of a cat or dog. Dementia or not, it seems that humans respond positively …

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Discussion on the rights of therapy cats

ESAs for uni students. Cats are good for students with high emotionality

A recent study from Washington State University found “that students who exhibit the big five emotionality trait[s] are especially interested in cat visitations” according to MEDICAL NEWS TODAY. The Big five personality traits are openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and neuroticism”. “Emotionality” means the strength of a person’s emotional response to stimulus. A high score …

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Can cats help with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? Yes.

Animal assisted therapy for PTSD

The question is asking whether domestic cats can help a person get over PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). And the answer is going to be a qualified yes. The reason why I have introduced the word “qualified” into the last sentence is because people reading this want hard evidence through a scientific study that cats …

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3 reasons why adopting a kitten can help you get over rape (and other trauma)

Rape victim learned to forget her trauma with the help of a kitten she adopted

The three reasons why adopting a kitten may help you get over a traumatic experience, such as rape, causing suicidal thoughts and behavior are: Responsibility. If you are responsible for another sentient being you become useful. And if you are useful, you are not a burden on society or others. And therefore, taking on …

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How do shelter cats cope when matched with families of children with ASD?

Well selected cats can benefit ASD kids and the cats cope well

Well selected cats can benefit ASD kids and the cats cope well. The Feline Temperament Profile (FTP) evaluation process is useful in matching shelter cats with families of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In an earlier post I came to the decision, based upon the studies that I had read, that FTP is …

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My return to pictures-of-cats.org

My name is Zachariah Atteberry. I recently went completely off the grid so I could focus on my mental health since my world was collapsing onto itself. I found out that I am ADHD and have borderline personality disorder in addition to being diagnosed autistic. I have written two books up to this point …

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Monty, a rescue cat, comforts a young man dying of bone cancer and his wife on his passing

Dave who was terminally ill with bone cancer and Monty being the companion

Cats Protection have a beautiful story on their website about Dave who at the young age of 25 became terminally ill with a rare form of bone cancer. His wife, Olivia, had been thinking about adopting a cat for some time and they agreed to take the plunge at this very difficult time. They …

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California’s 2 million military vets won’t have to pay animal shelter adoption fees

Vets suffering from PTSD can become criminals

“This is a big win for veterans and shelter animals. Buster and Pepper bring me joy and laughter and I benefit from the positive effects of their companionship. Our brave heroes deserve the same happiness, and Iā€™m glad we can reduce the barriers for bringing together veterans seeking companion animals and pets in need …

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