Tuxedo Cat Breed

by Michael
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Tuxedo Cat - Photo by nattywoohoo (Flickr)

Tuxedo Cat - Photo by nattywoohoo (Flickr)

Although people search for "tuxedo cat breed", it doesn't exist. The description refers to a type of cat coat; a black cat with some white fur at the belly, chest, paws, throat, and the chin. They are bicolor cats as they have fur of two colors: black and white. They are also referred to as "black and white cats" unsurprisingly.

Also unsurprisingly, the description "tuxedo" refers to formal mens' clothes - black tie formal wear.

The white areas are caused by the presence of the white spotting gene or piebald gene.

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Some breeds of cat - purebred cats - can have a tuxedo coat. It just depends on the breed standard for that cat breed.

Some standards are very wide, allowing an almost infinite variety of cat types while others are restricted to a single coat colour.

The Maine Coon has a wide range of coat types and the Bombay and Chartreux are limited to one solid colour - black and grey respectively.

Click on this link to see Jack Black, a tuxedo Maine Coon.

Many random bred cats are tuxedo cats. My lady cat is a tuxedo for example. Here she is:

Average cat to others. Eighteen year companion to me.

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