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USA: Cat Illness, Trends and Statistics — 6 Comments

  1. I’d like to see the statistics for the cats in the USA being overweight and for the cats with arthritis, broken down into clawed and declawed cats, I’d like to bet declawed cats are a high percentage of both those statistics, but of course the declaw vets won’t let that be known.

    • As you state there won’t be figures comparing declawed to clawed cats. What I will have a look at is comparisons between American and UK cats as that would include declawed and clawed cats.

  2. Excellent topic. Thanks a lot Michael.As they say “PREVENTION IS THE BEST CURE TO ANY SICKNESS”.Reading this topic cat owners can be aware of the medical deficiencies in their cats before it occurs and hence take preventive measures.

    • It’s interesting to see trends and the trend in the USA is overweight cats and the health problems caused. This is a modern problem. It is to do with modern life. 50 years ago there were much fewer obese cats. There were more outdoor cats, no dry food pellets high in carbohydrates, the pet market was less commercialised. Commericialism brings convenience and some health problems it appears. Hyperthyroidism is on the up and that may be caused by chemicals in packaging or in sofas – modern manufacturing. It could be argued: Less natural = less healthy.

  3. I was at the vet yesterday with Bigfoot. His second visit in a month. He hates going, but doesn’t give me much trouble. He’s a good sport, but voices his protest. It is possible Bigfoot is hyperthyroid. I’ll find out today. It would explain a lot. He eats voraciously but is losing weight. And, he is a little grumpy. The treatment is simple and I understand cats do well. The question is why has it become so common. Is it because few owners noticed before? The vet seems surprised at the little changes I notice about him. Go figure.

    Here is hoping all is well with him.

    • Hi DW, I’ll do a page on what might cause hyperthyroidism this evening (GMT). The increase in cases is a modern phenomenon. Sorry to hear that Bigfoot had to go to the vet. You are more in tune with cat health issues than your vet ;).

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