Do animals experience pain during and after animal experiments?

Does animal testing cause pain?

Although it appears to be a dumb question, it’s a fair one that demands a reasonable answer. Although I detest animal testing, we have to have a critical and balanced discussion about it. Common sense tells me that animals experience pain in animal testing. Am I correct? Perhaps a sub-question would be: “How much …

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Critical appraisal of the top 10 domestic cat health problems 2023

Top 10 cat health problems?

Conclusion: It is difficult to find a clean conclusion from my research on the top 10 domestic cat health problems in 2023. The phrase “health problem” should really refer to diseases suffered by domestic cats. But it can, judging by these lists, mean something wider and even in some instances it refers to a …

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Lifespans of some purebred and random-bred domestic cats UK (some startling stats)

Lifespan of selected purebred cats UK

A study (2017) discussed the differences in health and longevity between purebred and random-bred (also known as crossbred) domestic cats. It mentions that purebred dogs have been extensively studied and have wide variation in longevity and common diseases across breeds. In contrast, pet cats have been less altered from their wild ancestors and have …

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Lack of self-discipline is the main cause of obesity in pets

Obese tabby cat

Twice as many dogs are overweight in America than 10 years ago and it’s worse for cats. Banfield Pet Hospital, a chain of hospitals in America, is well positioned to collect data to allow them to analyze trends in the health of America’s companion animals. They’ve come up with a startling conclusion which is …

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43% of Domestic Cats over 11 Years of Age Have Dementia

It may surprise cat caretakers/guardians that a study conducted in 2003 by a private American veterinary hospital found that 43% of cats over the age of 11 exhibited signs that were consistent with “cognitive dysfunction”. That phrase means dementia in layman’s terms. Although some of these cats had other medical conditions such as diabetes …

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USA: Cat Illness, Trends and Statistics

This is a page that gives some clues as to cat health trends in the USA backed up by statistics. Banfield Pet Hospital is the world’s largest veterinary practice. It is an American business operating in America. The company has a poor policy on declawing, which I have to mention as they dealt with …

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