Charity calls for ban on breeding of wild cat hybrids

Serval rescued from France

The Wildheart Trust has launched a campaign to ban the breeding of wild cat hybrids. I’m referring to the cross-breeding of wild cats with domestic cats to create a hybrid which at the first generation is half wild cat and half domestic cat (first filial). At subsequent generations there is less wild cat blood …

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Wildcat hybrids were created to bring us closer to nature but we are going in the opposite direction

Calif. Spangled

The people who created wildcat hybrids such as Jean Mill (the Bengal cat) and Paul Casey (the California Spangled cat) did so in order to allow people to be closer to nature. These cat breeds allow people to see nature in their living room. The dream-like objective was to motivate people to become more …

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Why are Bengal cats illegal in New York City (NYC)?

Suki - Bengal cat

It is difficult to believe it now but Bengal cats are controversial in some places for the single reason that they are wild cat hybrids. They have Asiatic leopard cat DNA in them to varying degrees depending on their filial – how many generations they are from the wild. Some people don’t like the …

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Bengal Cat Behavior

Bengal cat

This is an article about Bengal cat behavior. The Bengal cat is a wild cat hybrid. The public might know that cats of this breed can be first-generation (F1) or, for example, sixth generation (F6) from the wild. The first-generation Bengal cats have a lot more wild cat character than the average domestic cat. …

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Living with Wild Cat Hybrids

What is it like to live with a wild cat hybrid? How difficult is it? What are the consequences including the wider consequences? Do they behave as Carole Baskin says, namely in a way which makes it impossible to enjoy their company? Carole is the owner and chief executive of Big Cat Rescue (BCR). …

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