History of the American Shorthair – Roman times to the present!

American Shorthair Portrait

Before I put pen to paper in earnest on the subject of the history of the American Shorthair cat, I must thank Valerie Edwards of Fenton Farm. She has the most detailed version of the history of any cat breed that I have seen. I simply cannot cover all the ground that she covers. …

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American Shorthair cat ‘Piper’ and one other, both silver tabbies

American Shorthair cat Piper

I believe that the American Shorthair is an underrated purebred cat. This is a cat with a long American history, similar to the more famous Maine Coon. This was a cat of American barns, a kind of working cat; a moggy to use the vernacular. They were and still are to be honest street …

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Why some cats are better for your children than others

Birthday girl with her Persian kitten

There are two major aspects to children interacting with domestic cats which have a bearing upon the safety of the child. The first is whether the child has been trained to interact with a domestic cat properly and the second is the character and socialisation of the cat. It’s been said many times, so …

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My cat family Buddy, Felix, and Percella

By Chris McHenry Intro by Michael: I want to celebrate “ordinary” (they are all special, in fact) cats in ordinary homes and therefore welcome words and pictures from visitors which show us their cats, which is why I have published the photos of Chris McHenry. Anyone can upload pictures to any comment box on …

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Purebred Cats and Purely Stylish Shoes

A heady mix for the ladies (some ladies – I shouldn’t generalise) of cats and shoes. These are Vogue photographs and although it is not stated by Vogue, as far as I know, the cats are purebreds in my opinion and I have, for the fun of it, identified the breeds. I can’t identify …

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American Shorthair Cat Facts For Kids

This is a page on the American Shorthair cat written for children and people who like information in plain language with good pictures. The American Shorthair is an important cat breed. It is part of the history of the United States of America. It is known as a cat that is very good with …

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American Shorthair Cat

The American Shorthair was a farm moggie back at the time of the English settlers to America and throughout the intervening years to the time of the new fancy in the late 1800s. The cat fancy turned a moggie into a cat breed and over time it became America’s standard shorthaired cat and extremely …

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