Fundamental reason why domestic cats don’t walk with their owners like dogs

cat on leash. These are set up images.

Although, sometimes, domestic cats do walk behind their owners for a relatively short distance (a behaviour characteristic that I explain below), in general, it is fundamentally alien to domestic cats to walk with their owner on a lead like a dog on those nice country walks in the park. If you could talk to …

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Snow leopard walked non-stop for 10 kilometers through 20-inch-deep snow

Snow leopard moving efficiently and silently through deep snow

This is a little story I’ve picked up in my travels which highlights the incredible stamina and persistence of the magnificent snow leopard. As you no doubt know they live at high elevations where there is often a lot of snow, sometimes deep. But deep snow does not seem to prevent them from travelling. …

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Are all cats solitary animals?

Both lion and domestic cat are not solitary

Most wild cats lead solitary lives. Except for cheetahs and lions, adult wild cats live and hunt separately. By contrast, we know that the purpose of domestic cats is not to be solitary but to engage with humans and other animals including animals of the same species. We must therefore distinguish between wild and …

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Are cats solitary?

Domestic cat contentedly alone

Are cats solitary? The answer depends on what species of cat you are referring to. The general answer is that the majority of felids (animals in the cat family) are solitary. Except for lions and male cheetahs, adult wildcats live and hunt separately. Male lions and cheetahs form coalitions to get access to females. …

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