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Caracal forces African wildcat to jump from a tree at a height of about 10m

Do caracals eat cats?

Yes, caracals eat cat and this series of photographs by Simon Smith shows us the determined way that a caracal hunts an African wildcat in a tree. The African wildcat is more capable than...

Photo of a wildcat by Melanie Kahl for the Wildkatzensymposium in der Fachhochschule, Erfurt

Picture of a European wildcat

As this photograph was taken in what appears to be a German zoo, I will presume that it is a European wildcat. It as taken by Melanie Kahl of BUND Bundesverband for the BUND...

An African wildcat looking like a hybrid and a tabby domestic cat

Did cats domesticate themselves?

The question in the title has been asked before but I’m asking it again now because National Geographic has just published an article in which they say that “Cats Domesticated Themselves, Ancient DNA Shows”....

An African wildcat looking like a hybrid and a tabby domestic cat

What is a “caffre cat”?

The wildcats of South Africa and Namibia are sometimes referred to as “caffre cats”. They are a species of small wild cat looking like a tabby domestic cat. The Mirriam-Webster dictionary tells us that...

African wildcat in urban environment

Are African wildcats friendly?

The answer is, Yes and No. By default they are not friendly because they are held back by fear and suspicion as they are inherently solitary and territorial. However, it seems that this small...

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