Where is the Maine Coon from? The origin.

Origin of the Maine Coon

There are perhaps as many as a dozen different theories on the origin of the Maine Coon believe it or not. One of the most unusual is that the Vikings imported Norwegian Forest Cats into North America in Newfoundland, Canada, in 1021AD! They sailed from Norway on those small boats. Sound feasible? 🤔 The Norwegian …

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Fundamental reason why domestic cats don’t walk with their owners like dogs

cat on leash. These are set up images.

Although, sometimes, domestic cats do walk behind their owners for a relatively short distance (a behaviour characteristic that I explain below), in general, it is fundamentally alien to domestic cats to walk with their owner on a lead like a dog on those nice country walks in the park. If you could talk to …

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Do Persian cats come from Persia?

Today, Persia is Iran. Fortunately, we have at our disposal a well-known study which evaluated the genetics of cat breeds and worldwide random-bread populations. One objective, as I understand it, of this study was to look at the origins of the breeds and see whether the modern-day cat breeds can be traced back to …

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In which continent did the domestic cat originate?

Middle East

The domestic cat did not originate on a continent. It originated in the Middle East which is described as a transcontinental region in Afro-Eurasia. I guess that the area does not have the shape or the geography to be described as a continent. A continent is described as one of the world’s main continuous …

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