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Rusty-spotted cat with rodent in mouth

What does the rusty-spotted cat eat?

The rusty-spotted cat’s diet consists mainly of birds and small mammals, and possibly insects, lizards and frogs. This diminutive wild cat is also known to kill domestic chickens and ducks when the chance arises....

Rusty-spotted cat

Rusty-spotted Cat Video

The rusty-spotted cat is the world’s smallest cat and certainly the smallest wild cat. It is very cute looking but decidedly wild and particularly vicious. There is a nice story from 1874 of a scientist who had a pet rusty-spotted cat who leapt at a gazelle fawn and tried to kill it.

Rusty-spotted cat

Rusty-spotted Cat Range

The range (distribution) of this very small wild cat is mapped out below. This is an emebedded map. The original is a Google “My Maps”, which I have left open to the public. It...

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