Do servals eat frogs and fish?

Servals eat frogs and fish and enjoy hunting in wetlands

Yes, servals eat frogs and fish. The serval has a preference for wetland habitats and therefore it is unsurprising that they hunt in water and don’t mind getting their feet wet (Wild Cats of the World). Captive servals deftly hook live fish out of water and in the wild servals have been seen hunting …

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Reproduction and development of serval cats

Young tame male serval at A1 Savannahs around 12 years ago

For the serval, estrus (the recurring changes brought on by reproductive hormones) lasts about 4 days. During this time a male and female can stay together. Gestation (pregnancy) is about 74 days. The serval usually has two kittens. Servals are polyestrous (go into heat several times a year) and the location in Africa dictates …

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Serval lifespan

Young domesticated serval

The serval lifespan in the wild is possibly about 10 years while in captivity servals have been known to live for 20 years. The oldest serval mother was a female at Switzerland’s Basel Zoo. She raised her last litter when she was 14-years-of-age. The shorter lifespan in the wild means that females could potentially …

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Serval Adaptations

Serval jumping onto prey

The serval is one of the more specialised wild cats. This means that it will have adaptations to improve survivability. The serval has the longest legs compared to overall size of all the cats. More precisely the serval’s feet are elongated. The metatarsals in the palms and soles add to the servals height to …

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Serval seized by the police from a home in Putney because the owner didn’t have a licence

Zena a young serval treated as a pet in the UK

A one year old serval has been seized from the owner by the police because he didn’t have a local authority license to keep her. He lives near Putney in a place called Roehampton which is actually quite close to me and on the outskirts of London, UK. He was given the serval by …

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Is it legal to own a serval in Texas?


If you are an individual, by which I mean you are not a commercial or non-profit enterprise, as specified by the regulations, then it is legal to own a serval in Texas provided you have a “certificate of registration” (i.e. a license) for the serval “issued by an animal registration agency”. In other words, …

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