Choose a veterinarian sensibly (infographic)

The infographic says almost all I want to say on the topic but I’ll add a few afterthoughts. If I was living in the United States, the number one criteria would be the head vet’s response to the question: “Do you declaw cats for non-therapeutic reasons?” A yes answer would mean instant rejection. A befuddled or ambivalent response would elicit the same rejection. If they respond with a no, I’d ask him/her why. A poor answer would also mean rejection. I’d also ask what they say to a client who asks for a declawing operation. After that priority interrogation ?, the cost and overall attitude are the important factors but cheapness doesn’t always result in the lowest cost as a vet with expensive diagnostic equipment might cost less in the long run.

Choose a veterinarian sensibly
Choose a veterinarian sensibly infographic by MikeB
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The problem is that pets covered by insurance get more expensive treatments and the best diagnostics. The client is an equal partner in veterinary care. Clients should not look up to vets as if they’re gods. None are and many are far from it. Experience counts. Ten years’ experience is needed to make a vet knowledgeable. And on the issue of euthanasia, you’ll need an experienced vet older than 35 in my view to provide good advice on when to do it. A most difficult question.

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