American taxpayer should subsidize veterinary training to get rid of declawing

Veterinary college Cornell

The only reason why three quarters of American veterinarians declaw cats is for money. We all know that. There’s no connection to providing a service to improve the welfare and health of cats. It’s just about money and the convenience … please continue reading

Veterinarian declawed his wife’s cats without her consent or knowledge so she divorced him

Glenn Mayer DVM

These are the words of Gloria Mayer [THANKS A LOT GLORIA!]: “I was married (really!) to Glenn Mayer but I got divorced after three years. When I married him I had two cats that were over ten years old. I … please continue reading

Ban this bad veterinarian as he abuses animals in his clinic (videos)

Dr. Mahavir Singh Rekhi is totally ill-suited to being a veterinarian. He must hate animals. He hits them in his clinic. Veterinary technicians filmed his animal abuse 12 times. They reported him to the veterinary licensing authority. It’s extraordinary. If … please continue reading

Unnecessary: testing, vaccinations, surgery, specialist foods and overpriced medications force veterinary bills up

Dog goes to vet

Watch this video to see how unnecessary testing, unnecessary vaccinations, unnecessary surgery, unnecessary specialist foods and overpriced medicines force veterinary bills up. We should not be surprised that veterinarians have a habit of finding ways, which might seem unethical, to … please continue reading

My Heart Goes out to This Woman Whose Cat Escaped from Her Veterinarian’s Clinic

Linda Haworth breaks down in tears when she describes how she took her cat to her veterinarian because he wasn’t feeling well. He had stopped eating. Whilst at the clinic the veterinarian decided that she needed to take some blood … please continue reading

Italian Veterinarian and Big-game Hunter Lambasted in a Hate Campaign on Social Media

Italian Veterinarian and Big-Game Hunter Lambasted in a Hate Campaign on Social Media

An Italian veterinarian is mirroring the hunting antics of Dr Walter Palmer, the infamous American, Minnesota dentist who we all know about by now. The Italian veterinarian is Dr Luciana Ponzetto. He has a clinic near Turin. He is seen … please continue reading

How to Avoid a “Bad Veterinarian”: Listen to your Inner Voice

Bad Veterinarian?

Those of us whose cats are under the care of top notch veterinary practitioners are indeed extremely fortunate. It can be very difficult to find a veterinary practice that is both feline savvy and which employs staff who know how … please continue reading