Vets accused of cruel price-gouging in the UK

Rapidly rising cost of veterinary care in Britain is being investigated by the Competition and Markets Authority

The fees charged by British veterinarians today have become incredibly exorbitant. It will be a big worry for companion animal caregivers. It’ll negatively impact animal welfare as pet owners avoid vet visits. Rapidly increasing prices is substantially because independent veterinarians have been bought up by big corporations, sometimes foreign corporations. For example, Medivet, was …

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UK pet owners go abroad to cut bills for veterinary treatments

Equity funds have bought vet clinics in UK and are exploiting the business

NEWS AND VIEWS-UK: In an extraordinary development, I’m told that in the UK, cat and dog owners are flying abroad to places like France and Turkey to seek treatments for their companion animals which are priced reasonably and which are a fraction of those charged in the UK. And the reason why many veterinarians …

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Choose a veterinarian sensibly (infographic)

Choose your vet sensibly

The infographic says almost all I want to say on the topic but I’ll add a few afterthoughts. If I was living in the United States, the number one criteria would be the head vet’s response to the question: “Do you declaw cats for non-therapeutic reasons?” A yes answer would mean instant rejection. A …

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Avoid the necessity to put down your cat because you can’t afford the $5,000 surgery

Aramis who was euthanised as his owner could not afford the vet treatment

Currently, there is a guy on social media who says that he has to put down his pet cat because he can’t afford the $5,000 surgery as he is already “swimming in debt”. He has said goodbye to his cat, Aramis, “one of the goofiest cats that ever lived”. It’s a tragic little vignette …

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UK: have you fallen victim to runaway vets’ bills due to corporate ownership?

Animal doctor (veterinarian) with young cat in vet clinic

In the UK, since 1999 non-vets have been allowed to own veterinary practices. This lead to private equity businesses buying into vet’s clinics. They spotted a nice earner. In retrospect it looks like a bad mistake because when the men in grey suits manage these sorts of businesses, which require a lot of sensitivity …

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