Cat runs around at night

Cat active at night disturbs some cat owners

People are looking for ideas when they type into a Google search bar ‘cat runs around at night’. They’re really asking what can I do to get some sleep because my cat is too active at night which keeps me awake? Indoor cats I am going to guess and say that the people who …

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‘My cat wakes me at 4am’ – Jackson Galaxy tells you how to stop it

My cat disturbs me in the night

These are the ideas of the well-known Jackson Galaxy (JG) on this tricky subject. I am sure a lot of cat guardians struggle with this problem; how to sleep through the night without being woken by their cat. JG says that domestic cats are not nocturnal. He’s right. Domestic cats are mainly crepuscular – …

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Cat Dementia

21 year old bookstore cat. Cat dementia? Perhaps. Photo by terriem under a creative commons – Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. Introduction It has been decided that there is such a thing as cat dementia. This doesn’t surprise me. Why shouldn’t there be? Cats have brains. They have bodies with organs that are similar if not, on …

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