The Cat Wars are as intractable as the Syrian conflict and it is time for pro-cat and pro-wildlife groups to work together

Cat predation montage

You have heard the message of Cat Wars, a new book by the ornithologist Peter Marra writing in conjunction with Chris Santella. Dr Marra is the director of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Centre in Washington. He said: “There has never … please continue reading

Petition American Bird Conservancy. Stop your witch hunt against cats!

Bids killed by manmade objects

The debate over the number of birds killed by cats has grown stronger over the past few decades, especially since the internet came into play. Information once found only in magazines or periodicals can now be read with the click … please continue reading

Cats bring back prey to their human owners to train them. True or False?

Perhaps, the jury is out on the reason why hunting domestic cats sometimes bring half-alive prey back to their caretaker/owner’s home. If we are to find the answer in wild cat behavior, the scenario of our family home and an … please continue reading

Domestic cat predation on mammals, birds and reptiles (N.America and Australia)

The figures are based on a collation of many studies. It is dangerous to make bold statements about the impact of roaming domestic cats on wildlife. There are many articles on the subject, a high proportion of which are frankly … please continue reading