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Black cat with greying fur around the muzzle in old age

4 ways that cat fur changes with age

I can think of four ways that domestic cat fur changes with age, two of which are caused indirectly. I will start with one example. There is an overlap between cats and humans on...

Symptom checker for cat dementia

Dementia symptom checker for domestic cats

Here is a dementia symptom checker for domestic cats. It comes courtesy of the vets4pets.com website. Apparently, veterinarians estimate that 85% of cat and dog dementia is undiagnosed. One in three elderly cats potentially...

20 facts about feline hyperthyroidism

20 facts about feline hyperthyroidism

Here are some interesting facts about feline hyperthyroidism. What interests me particularly is the increased risk of developing the condition due to exposure to certain chemicals and the fact that full-time indoor cats are...

Vitamin E

Do older cats need vitamins?

The question is asking whether older cats need vitamin supplements. In other words do they need extra vitamins on top of what they are ingesting through their normal diet? The answer is that older...

Thomas a 26-year-old rescue cat

What To Feed A Senior Cat

Reduced calorie intake and a high quality, protein rich diet is the general guide for senior cats. This is about feeding geriatric cats. It’s an important topic because it can prevent obesity. Feline obesity...

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