Magical domestic cat wonderland where artificial intelligence makes them happier

Magical cat world

BRIGHTON, UK – CAT STUDY: This is an unusual experiment concerning an unusual group of cats. A glimpse into the future. Three cats: a father whose name is Ghostbuster and his two offspring, Pumpkin and Clover live together for part of the day in a magical wonderland for cats measuring 11′ x 15′ x …

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Dirty Chinese Restaurant game lets players chop up cats

Mobile game during which cats are chopped up and eaten

Wow, this is something bizarrely new and deliberately outrageous (as a selling point). It is a mobile game. It is called ‘Dirty Chinese Restaurant’. The players chase after cats and dogs to chop them up with a cleaver to cook and serve to customers (a play on the brutal cat meat industry). The game …

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Cat Games To Play

One of the easy cat games to play – piece of string with something on the end. This mimics predatory behavior. The problem is not deciding what cat game but actually playing them. The simplest are the best. We don’t have to spend a lot of thought on what cat toy to buy. We …

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