Illegal to bring young or pregnant puppy farm or kitten mill animals into the UK

Selaine Saxby who introduced the private members bill to shut down the cruel and illegal trade in importing young dogs and cats into the UK from mainland Europe

Legislation is currently going through Parliament in the UK to ban the importation of cats and dogs bred at cruel puppy farms and kitten mills often in Romania and Poland on the European continent. This has been a big ongoing problem in the UK for quite a long time. Private members bill The proposed …

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Pet stores in America are unfeasible unless they buy from puppy mills

A pet dog bought from a puppy mill at Perfect Pets in Centennial in Aurora

Joyce Cohen who sits on the advisory board of the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act of, I believe, the Aurora City Council, said that pet stores are simply unviable i.e. they can’t make enough money if they don’t buy puppies and kittens from “puppy mills” which is a reference to irresponsible breeders with a …

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Commercial Breeding Enterprises (CBEs) versus registered dog breeders

American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit's home

I think it is useful to look at the difference between Commercial Breeding Enterprises (CBEs) and registered dog and cat breeders. My interest in comparing these commercial enterprises came about because Nathan Winograd tells us that about 400 cities and 4 states have passed laws which ban the sale of commercially bred dogs, cats …

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Buying a cat or dog with a loan at 150% interest

Prohibiting the purchase of cats and dogs using high interest loans

NEWS AND COMMENT: MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, USA: It is sad to learn that people in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (and elsewhere) sometimes buy cats and dogs with a high interest loan. I can understand why. They want to adopt a cat or dog and they want that animal to be purebred and good-looking. But the …

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Maryland, USA: pet stores complain unsuccessfully about ban on selling cats and dogs

New law Maryland to encourage adoption of rescue companion animals

MARYLAND, USA – OPINION AND NEWS: There is a sensible trend in the USA which might snowball. State legislatures have decided that it is time to stop unethical cat and dog breeders (unlicensed puppy and kitten mills) supplying pet stores and to encourage the adoption of rescued animals instead. The objective could not be …

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To stop treating companion animals like commodities

NEW YORK STATE – opinion/news story: Deputy Senate Majority Leader Mike Gianaris, a Democrat from Queens, summed up the reason why New York state is heading towards a situation where the sale of cats, dogs and rabbits at retail stores would be banned. The question is whether we should be treating our animals like …

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Maryland pet stores file lawsuit to block law that will make selling commercially bred dogs and cats illegal


Maryland pet stores are suing to block a law that will make selling commercially bred dogs and cats illegal. The law is set to take effect on January 1, 2020 and is the second state to pass such restrictions, following California. Pet stores argue it was necessary to file a federal lawsuit, which was …

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