2 reasons why cheetahs are reproducing poorly

Male cheetah. Picture in public domain on Pinterest.

There are at least 2 reasons why cheetahs reproduced poorly, which is an added reason why they are vulnerable to extinction in the wild. There has been an approximate 50% decline in population numbers over the past four decades. Inbreeding The first reason is inbreeding due to mating between close relatives. There have been …

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Male cheetah stutter-bark is sexy to a female

Can the cheetah be domesticated?

The male cheetah stutter-bark is sexy to a female cheetah. Unlike humans the female cheetah does not have a regular reproductive cycle. Female cheetahs ovulated rarely and at irregular times. Research indicates that at least one factor that can trigger ovulation is the voice (or one of the voices) of the male cheetah. Females …

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