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Inbreeding depression

Inbreeding depression cause and effect

“Inbreeding depression” is a euphemism for a general lack of health in an individual purebred cat which has been selectively bred (using artificial selection) for appearance, which automatically incorporates inbreeding. Cat breeders often have...

Male cheetah. Picture in public domain on Pinterest.

2 reasons why cheetahs are reproducing poorly

There are at least 2 reasons why cheetahs reproduced poorly, which is an added reason why they are vulnerable to extinction in the wild. There has been an approximate 50% decline in population numbers...

'Bengal nose'

Bengal Nose

Bengal Nose – a comparison between a good nose and an affected nose – photo copyright Helmi Flick This page was first written, as I recall, in around 2009. It has been updated on...

Genes and chromosomes

What does breeding true mean?

“Breeding true” means that the offspring look like their parents. It is achieved by “line breeding” which is a form of inbreeding which ideally does not transfer undesirable traits together with those traits that...

Picture of an ugly cat

Pictures of Ugly Cats

Here are seven pictures of ugly cats and it is very sad. It is not fun or even interesting. I am publishing them here for a serious reason but I don’t expect anyone to...

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