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Cats in pre-fight stand-off yowling

8 facts about the cat yowl

The first task is to agree on the feline sound that we call the yowl. This is a domestic cat sound. There may be some disagreement or confusion over what it is. There is...

Can the cheetah be domesticated?

Male cheetah stutter-bark is sexy to a female

The male cheetah stutter-bark is sexy to a female cheetah. Unlike humans the female cheetah does not have a regular reproductive cycle. Female cheetahs ovulated rarely and at irregular times. Research indicates that at...

Margay resting in a tree, typical behavior

How do you pronounce ‘margay’?

Please click on the audio file below to hear how you pronounce ‘margay’. Just add an ‘s’ to make it plural! It is exactly as expected. It may surprise you as to why I...

Why PETA pronounce their acronym PETER

Why PETA pronounce their acronym ‘PETER’

Please listen to the audio file for my opinion as to why PETA pronounce their acronym ‘Peter’. Technically the way they say it is incorrect. But understandably they have forced an ‘incorrect’ pronounciation. See...


How do you say ‘cat’ in French?

You can hear how I say ‘cat’ in French by playing the audio file below. You spell the words as follows: Female cat: chatte Male cat: chat Kitten: chaton My accent is not bad...

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