In the UK, if a dog injuries or kills your cat the police might not become involved

The police might do nothing if a dog attacks and injures or kills your cat because they might assess the dog is not being dangerously out of control.

A story in the online newspaper GB News interests me. A large dog attacked Becky Quane’s cat outside her home in Birmingham, UK. Her cat was killed. The police refused to become involved. She felt helpless as she wanted the dog’s owner to be prosecuted for a crime. Tricky assessment The law in this …

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Domestic animal protection laws of Texas. The law and its rank.

Texas animal protection laws

The animal welfare law protecting the domestic animals (pets) of Texas is encompassed within a statute that is much wider in its ambit and which also includes livestock. The law is called: PENAL CODE, TITLE 9. OFFENSES AGAINST PUBLIC ORDER AND DECENCY. The relevant section is under the heading ‘disorderly conduct and related offences’. …

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Judging a dog’s potential for aggression by their appearance is wrong

Some say pitbulls are sweet natured

In the UK certain dog breeds are automatically considered aggressive and dangerous under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. This is a dangerous way to assess dog aggression as many individual dogs of these outlawed breeds are unaggressive. Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has been forced to euthanise 15 dogs this year because they were …

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