10 friendliest cat breeds towards humans

European Burmese bred in Russia

Here is a list of the 10 friendliest cat breeds towards humans. You have to be careful when you make a statement like that. A lot of websites do make this statement but it is difficult to make it with true confidence. There is a lot of subjectivity in assessments of cat breed personalities, …

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The most mathematically beautiful domestic cats in the world. Good or bad method?

Measuring the beauty of an animal mathematically. Good or bad.

This list is meant to present the most beautiful domestic cats in the world based upon an ancient mathematical principle, the golden ratio (see below). Believe it if you want to. Personally, I don’t have much faith in it when applied to domestic cats. There are various reasons which I discuss below the ranking …

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Pharaoh – An unforgettable Aby!

by Maggie (Australia) My beautiful Pharaoh Biru Henry Pawson was the cat who influenced my life. With out him I would not be sitting here now typing this. He was with me from the very beginning of my life, and will be with me until the very end. On 29 August 1988 King’s Mead …

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Helmi Flick chose Sky for Cats USA Magazine

Helmi Flick chose Sky for Cats USA Magazine by Susan Graham (Atlanta, GA USA) Alexy Blue Cream Sky of Aksum – photo copyright Helmi Flick The amazing Helmi Flick did it again! She chose another of my Abyssinians, Alexy Blue Cream Sky of Aksum (a blue torbie owned by me and bred by Bruce …

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Different Cat Breeds

Contents Introduction voting – most popular breed votes – most popular breeds Classifying the different breeds Expansion Designer Exotic Wild and Tamed Hybrids Mutations Mutations – Dwarf cats Miniature Natural Large Hypoallergenic How many cat breeds? Some Issues History Black or White cat breeds Rare cat breeds Introduction If you’ve arrived at this page …

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Chilli was more than just a coincidence

by Maggie (Australia) My special Chilli at just 12 hours old Everyone who knows me knows my boy, Chilli. But what many people don’t know is the story behind Chilli and my journey to get him. To start this story I have to go right back to 1988, when my mother purchased her first …

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Chocolate and lilac Abyssinians are now accepted for championship

by Susan Graham (Atlanta, GA) Helmi Flick Cat Photography – photos copyright Helmi Flick In TICA and in GCCF, chocolate and lilac Abyssinians are now accepted for Championship status. CFA does not accept them yet and may never accept them, on the basis that the colors came from another breed, the Burmese. – Susan …

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