Burmese and Birman cats have the longest life expectancy of purebred cats (2024)

Birman and Burmese are 2 purebred cats with longer than average lifespans due to a lower prevalence of HCM than in other breeds

Burmese and Birman cats have the longest life expectancy of purebred cat according to a recently published study conducted between 2019 and 2021 in the UK. The researchers don’t tell us specifically or in detail why they have the longest life expectancy of the purebred cats and even to the extent where their lifespan …

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Burmese cat infographic

Burmese cat

Here is a compact Burmese cat infographic that I have just created. The word ‘compact’ might be appropriate as in the United States this breed is indeed compact or to use cat fancy terminology: cobby. Perhaps the unsettling aspect of this popular cat breed is that there is no universal breed standard. The shape …

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Are Burmese cats vocal?

Burmese are vocal

The question in the title is asking if Burmese cats make a lot of noise! The simple but slightly vague answer is that they will probably be more vocal than your typical domestic cat either purebred or non-purebred because they have some Siamese cat in them and the Siamese is known to be vocal. …

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10 friendliest cat breeds towards humans

European Burmese bred in Russia

Here is a list of the 10 friendliest cat breeds towards humans. You have to be careful when you make a statement like that. A lot of websites do make this statement but it is difficult to make it with true confidence. There is a lot of subjectivity in assessments of cat breed personalities, …

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Burmese cat breeders – useful resource (2022)

North American contemporary Burmese (lilac). Photo: Helmi Flick.

It is worth noting that there are significant differences between the European Burmese and the American Burmese. You may know that but the breed has diverged into two types, almost 2 different breeds depending upon which side of the Atlantic you live. The American side of the Burmese family has developed into a rounded …

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