Creepy pictures of a Sphynx cat in a wig and dress

Spooky Sphynx in woman's clothes and wig

These are just plain creepy. Creepypasta comes to mind. They were brilliantly set up and taken by a very clever photographer who I believe is the cat’s caregiver. They have a very mysterious mood. But at this time, I don’t know the photographer’s name. The photos come from a much-retweeted tweet on Twitter. Someone …

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Creeping humanisation of domestic pets happened years ago

Cat food ad

In today’s column (which I am yet to read), Giles Coren has mentioned that Saturday’s The Times newspaper reported on a creeping humanisation of the domestic cat. This has been driven by 3.2 million households in the UK acquiring a new companion animal during the Covid lockdowns, which in turn has led to a …

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Woman builds cute bedroom for her cats

Cat bedroom

Maud Feijt posted to her Twitter feed pictures of a cat bedroom that she constructed with her partner because she says that “we made our cats a bedroom”. And her Twitter feed has accrued a lot of likes and comments so clearly people are interested in this sort of construction. People like to see …

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