What a life for a cat! A goal to aspire to.

Rosie and Lilo on boat

“These animals are living the life!” AND “Pretty sure the cat thinks she’s a dog :D” – YouTube comments This is exceptional. It almost like watching a fictional movie but it is real. Very few domestic cats have such a … please continue reading

FIP awareness advocate builds an indoor playground for his 24 cats

This is a happy ending story I want to share because, face it, we all need a happy ending right about now. It will also be short since the video and photos are most important. I would absolutely love to … please continue reading

Single or Group Housing at Cat Shelters?

Cat bites shelter worker. What to do?

Please read a page about reducing cat stress at shelters. Cat shelters interest me because cat rescue interests me and lots of cats end up at cat shelters. The question that arises for shelter owners, employees and animal control people … please continue reading

Spoiling Kitties: The Ultimate Cat Furniture

When it comes to giving our cats top notch care – at least in this writer’s opinion – pampering and “spoiling” them ranks high on a kitty guardian’s job description. But before you disagree and get your hackles up let … please continue reading

Monty’s Kingdom – Enriching Your Cat’s Indoor Environment (DIY)

This is about a do-it-yourself project to build an indoor playground for our cat, Monty, with the intention of enriching his life when indoors. Regular visitors to this site are already familiar with our efforts to create a unique overhead … please continue reading