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Teacup Cats — 11 Comments

  1. Thanks for explaining that teacup breeds come about through selective breeding of cats with the trait of being miniature, or very small. My husband and I are trying to choose what type of cat to get for our daughter. I think she’d really like a teacup cat, so thanks for sharing some info about them here!

    • Probably about twice that of a purebred, say around $1k and more. They are very rare these days. Beware of fraudsters too.

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  3. OH MY GOD! DON’T DO SUCH A THING! Persian are medium to big size. anything different from that is out of the breed’s standard, Gosh, what a shame. DO NOT DEFORM THE BREED, PLEASE

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    • I would love to help you Laura but unhappily I cannot. They are rare and you won’t get a genuine tea cup cat occurring naturally. You do get the very rare, very small cat that has been born randomly but normally they need to be selectively bred by a breeder and they will charge you. There are very few breeders of these cats. So the situation is not good. I would also remember that they might have health problems. It is best to find a small unwanted cat at a shelter, I feel. But we are all different.

  6. These tiny creatures are so lovly that there are no words to express oneself. Thank you, amasing indeed…

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