I neutered my cat (removal of testicles). Is he transgender?

Young androgynous man and his ginger tabby cat in an old painting

Transgenderism is in the news a lot these days. Being a cat ‘expert’ 😃😎 I considered whether neutering male cats makes them transgender as the operation removes that part of the anatomy which produces testosterone; a hormone which makes a male cat male (see below for more on this). The question in the title …

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Belief in big cats in the UK countryside linked to religious beliefs

Mystery big cat sighting? A tangible manifestation of an intangible generalised fear.

OPINION: I believe that there is a link between the belief that big cats exist in the UK and religion. Both require faith and belief without evidence. Ultimately religion is based upon faith and the belief of a supernatural being, a god. And ultimately when people believe that there are wild large cats roaming …

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Clay mining company’s stock doubles as American millennials choose pets over parenthood

American millennials with their pet cat and dogs rather than a child

Why should the shares of a clay mining company, Oil-Dri Corp, rise impressively year-on-year because millennials chose pets over parenthood? Because of the greatly increased demand for clay-based cat litter to accommodate the increased number of pets living in America’s homes. This article looks at the trend of millennials (born 1981-1996, 28-43 years old) …

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21 human sexualities and gender identities listed. The male tortoiseshell might understand.

Flags of the spectrum of sexualities and gender identities

Of course, cats don’t recognise the 21 different sexualities and gender identities that appear to be accepted nowadays. It is a different world to the way it was 10 years ago. I fully accept these identities and sexualities. I’ve always believed that there is a spectrum of feelings about one’s sexuality and gender. Although …

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America’s 4-H creed of teaching truth, kindness and sympathy is in tatters

E.L. and Cedar when they were together. Now Cedar has been eaten and E.L. is sad.

NEWS AND COMMENT: This story is very concerning to anybody interested in animal welfare and the welfare of children in this instance. In America there is a program called 4-H which is a network of youth organisations. Their mission is “engaging youth to reach their fullest potential while advancing the field of youth development”. …

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‘Us in another universe’ cat video captures the imagination of people seeking friendship, love and peace

Us in another universe cat video

This TikTok video has captured the imagination of people. It’s been seen millions of times and there are tens of thousands of comments and 9.6 million likes. It makes some people cry. Why? Because they want peace, love and friendship and looking at the world today, they don’t see it. They see too much …

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